For My Gorgeous Soldier

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As I lay in the dark, in the warmth of my bed
Thoughts of my man drift into my head
I reach out my hand, touch the curve of his face
I see his sweet smile, feel my heart start to race

He makes me so happy, I feel so loved too
Without him to love me don’t know what I’d do
For he makes me feel whole, a woman, complete
For him I would lay the whole world at his feet

Never before have I felt this way
He’s deep in my heart and there he will stay
I will love him forever and always be there
To show what he means and how much I care

He’s a soldier you see in a land far away
And I miss him so much every minute of the day
He stays in my thoughts and in my dreams too
He’s the man I was made for if only he knew

I ache for his touch, his kiss, his love
And I pray to the gods on high up above
To keep him safe, protected from harm
Till at last I can feel myself wrapped in his arms

To feel his lips touching mine at last
To feel my heart melt as it starts beating fast
The touch of his hand so soft on my skin
To surrender myself, let the loving begin

I smile in the dark as I think of my guy
And with all of my heart hope that time will fly by
Till he’s home once more and his work is all done
So me and my soldier at last become one

Maria Cassee

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