For all the things I didn’t do

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For all the things I didn’t do
I should have told you more how much I loved you
For I feel the time now is too late
I have to keep a date with the cold hands of fate

For all the things I didn’t do
To have walked in the hills with you on my arm
Skinny dipping in the sea just you and me
Watching the sun go down from the rug on the ground
Holding you all night until first light

For all the things I didn’t do
To have told you of my hopes and dreams
Of the children we would have
So many more times I would make you laugh
Less times I would have made you cry

But I am a soldier and have a job to do
You didn’t understand but I know I do
This enemy we fight are proud and strong
Fierce and ferocious in battle
Who fight to the death as they draw their last breath?

I was just unlucky on that night
Wrong place in the fire fight
My passing was quick and I felt no pain
As I died on that desert plain

Of all the things I didn’t do…….

John Sinclair

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