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The news was expected
her time was to close
The news stories written
of our fine English rose

Our thoughts and our thinking
said she’d be fine
Our long-reigning monarch
who stood against time

But come the day did
on the 8th of September
That our Queen had now passed
a date now most sombre

Our thoughts turn to family
and so many tears
A wonderful lady
honoured for years

I served my Queen
my country and you
And now I pay homage
and respect anew

So light a warm candle
and honour her time
Our Queen has now passed
I’ll honour with rhyme

May you be remembered
with thanks and good cheer
And my one last salute
to the Queen I held dear.

Sleep well, your majesty.


Author Mac

Ex Sergeant Major - RAOC/RLC 1978 - 2000. Live in the West Midlands, love helping others and hope to keep doing that for many years to come. I also run htpps://lapd.solutions and I am happy to chat about what we do there and give you/your company a great rate and bring your payment for our work into FLOW.

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