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I wonder if you sit and think
Of something unusual to you
A subject seldom talked about
But now and again comes into view
Throughout our lives at sometime we’ve seen
Mythology demonstrated in sight
Portrayed perhaps in many colours
And some which might encourage fright
To those less understanding
Where mention of dragons conjures fear
But this is not always the case
In street procession year on year
You may see displays in China
A Greek Island or maybe India perhaps Mumbai
Maybe Vietnam or the Philippines
Korea or from Wales in the U K nearby
The Chinese Dragon reflects on rain and rivers
In Greek mythology the Dragons were to guard
Indra from India was chosen for a throne
Y Ddraig Goch from the Welsh made recognition hard
Portrayed as creatures with many limbs or wings
And some images with many a head
Serpents from the deep with wings to fly
And some were guarding Gods instead
So if some day as a procession passes by
Wherever in the world you may be
Try to recognize the residence of the Dragon
As it’s only Mythology to me.

Dennis Shrubshall

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