Cover blown

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Alone and injured
Extraction requested
Cover blown
Survival tested

One in the shoulder
Hurts like Hell
Will I make it
Time will tell

Drinking in a pub
Eyeing the ‘ Players ‘
Patrol comes in
Becoming betrayers

“ Hi there mate,
what you doing here ? “
Try to ignore them
Drink my beer

His Corporal steps in
Gives him a nudge
Not his fault
Hold no grudge

Out they dash
Leaving me there
Did the ‘ Players notice ’ ?
They’re starting to stare

One’s on the phone
Two others make three
They’ve all turned round
Eyeballing me

They’ve sussed me I’m sure
I look at the floor
But really I’m counting
The steps to the door

I know I won’t make it
To far away
No one to help me
Alone I must stay

The ‘ Players ’ they rise
So deadly they look
I must fight this battle
But not by the book

My ‘ Browning ‘ comes out
“ Back off you thick micks “
I’m watching their hands
Won’t fall for their tricks

The crack of a gunshot
I’m thrown face down
Someone behind me
An I.R.A clown

My shoulder is shattered
The floor stinks of booze
I run for the door
With nothing to lose

I cant face the capture
The torture, the pain
So I keep on running
I’m outside again

I’m losing blood fast now
But my senses are honed
I came to a phone box
My ‘ code word ‘ I’d phoned

Then into the fields
The darkness my friend
Stupid squaddie knew me
Nearly my end

So now I wait for ‘ ex-fill ‘
Thinking of what’s past
Where is that bloody chopper ?
I don’t think I can last

But soon I hear it beating
My ‘ Beacon ‘ it will follow
In darkness it will land here
My body it will swallow

They’ll plug the hole, and patch me up
Then I’ll be ‘ Right as rain ‘
And when they’ve got me well enough
I’ll be back here again

Another ‘ County ‘ maybe
Up North where I’m not known
Where ‘ Players ‘ will not know my face
My cover never blown

I’ve learnt a lesson from this
Don’t enter somewhere blind
Always keep your eyes in front
But always watch behind !

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