Children… a life path

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Ten little fingers
Ten tiny toes
Two sparkling eyes
A cute button nose
There is nothing more precious
Than a new born babe
A new member of your family
A gift that’s Heaven made

Their life path’s planned already
Mapped out by God above
We parents are here to guide them
To shower them with love
As they grow we’ll teach them
How to show and earn respect
To teach them if they love themselves
They’ll feel the full effect

They’ll bring us so much happiness
So much heartache too
If our love remains unconditional
They’ll stay forever true
Mistakes they’ll make we know this
But this is how they’ll learn
Just help them choose the right path
Then we’ll have no cause for concern

Every now and then though
They’ll need a little shove
From us on earth as parents
And from their angels up above
We hope and pray they’ve listened
The right path they’ll choose to take
Then their lives will always be fruitful
Whatever decisions they make

Our precious sons and daughters
Will fly the nest one day
To build new lives of their own
With us to support them on their way
We’ll always be proud of our children
In everything they do
Believe in them and they’ll never go wrong
Thanks to our love that’s seen them through

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