Broken by a Broken Mind

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My nerves are shot, I can’t think straight
My mind is screaming, the hour is late
I cannot sleep or concentrate……..
I cannot plan nor contemplate………..

I feel alone, just me and fear
My mind now clouded instead of clear
How did this happen to a guy like me
I cannot think, I cannot see

The doctor gives me pills to cope
I have no future, I see no hope
I want to scream, I want to cry
I do not care, I want to die

My shame complete, no home or work
My family’s attention I always shirk
I hide my shame, I hide my fear
I know I’m struggling, not thinking clear

A prison created by me myself
I once was proud and in good health
But then that all went far away
Until the wreck I see today

The silence of my darkest hour
Descends on me with frightening power
My one escape from this living hell
Is to surrender now and ring deaths bell

So strange, I feel much calmer now
My plan to end this will allow
A sense of peace, a final breath
I slip away, I join with death

Chris Dickson

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