Beauty Girl

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Oh, Beauty Girl that hurts inside
Who had the love that now has died
Who holds the key to other lives
Follow heart if heart is wise

But heart is wise if head allows
The crushing of the wedding vows
The crushing of the history made
During the time of feeling fade

People talk, oh, Beauty girl
Too set the emotions in a whirl
Their talk is low but harm is high
Death and destruction is their cry

And cry is surely what we do
When others set a path anew
When others direction is set fair
But can that journey stand the glare?

Stand the glare of retrospect
Do we build or are we wrecked?
Time will give us all the clues
To all the don’ts and all the does

Well, Beauty girl, that hurt will heal
That love you want, again will feel
Will feel as fresh and kind and pure
Just as the start of our loving tour

Consider this before you go
How does your love become your foe?
Why has your love let you down?
Let you go, let you drown

My guess is simple and from afar
Its little wounds to an open scar
Little stabs, little hurts
No big liaison, just open flirts

So, Beauty girl, so sorry
So sorry that you were hurt
So sorry that I missed the point
Of the love in which you anoint
So sorry I could not trust
But far above
So sorry that I lost your love

Stephen Williams

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