Arid Indigo

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‘Neath wrinkled brow, ‘twixt screwed up eyes they scan
In searching out horizons old, some new
Said shifting sands of time, confound their plan
When setting out on road to Timbuktu
Famed Tuareg tribes, from East to West doth roam
From North to South returning whence they came
Whilst trading goods o’er desert known as home
No borders barred the way to cause them shame
Now shouts of “Allahu Akbar” lead the charge
Translucent seas, in robes of billowed blue
Atop of Camels ‘slurping’ midst mirage
Regaining land, by ‘heritance their due
“Shet Ahad” sisters light the way at night
A beacon for such ancient’s modern plight

Richard Gildea

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