An Old Soldier’s Thoughts from the Heart on Leave and Home.

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On active service the thoughts in my mind
Are for those loved ones that I leave behind.
Though death is ever near I do my job
And I control my fear.
The magic words, I do believe
For your loved ones to hear are
“I’m coming home on leave”.
Home on leave, where there is no fear.
On leave I know there will be many tears.
When at home lots of love I will find,
And I’ll be leaving the war far behind;
Now at home, Oh yes lots more love,
And also a prayer to the Lord above.
Going on leave in train or plane,
The prayer I say will be the same
God grant that I come home again.
So when I’m at home I’ve got to be
Extremely close to my family.
My family at home has love and some cheers
Yet others I know have just pain and tears.
Yes these thoughts I do find
Always there in my mind;
Only the Lord knows why
Some will live and some die.
For the Heroes there’ll be
A lasting, loving memory;
Still they come in that special plane
Bringing more sadness, tears and pain.
Now on TV it is always shown,
The loved ones coffins coming home.
There for the families to cry and grieve,
Their loved ones are home on eternal leave.
A prayer for the wounded
They have been through hell
With pain from their wounds
And in their minds as well.
Loss of limbs, trauma and pain
Needs the best loving care
To get well again.
So keep on thinking, day by day
They will need help in every way
They need not only a loving prayer
But for people to show they really do care.
Will the war end? No one can say.
Just keep on praying, day by day.
I know lots of people have done their best,
But please, for the living ones don’t let it rest.

John Trought

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