Abusing of Position

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Shoulders back, stood tall and proud
An officer addresses the new recruits
New to battalion, just passed out of training
Young soldiers stand quivering in their boots

His opening refrain full of cursing and swearing
Their first impression of their leader they see
A mouthy young officer not much older than them
Telling them just how life in battalion will be

By shouting and yelling this young officer thinks
He’ll frighten them into showing respect
But the truth of the matter is mere wasted breath
His words have had the opposite effect

His arrogant manner just proved to the soldiers
That their leader is no better than they
He may be an officer but he is ignorant and crude
Any ounce of respect was lost that day

The soldiers carry out their role for their own self respect
But their hearts are not focussed anymore
All due to a leader abusing his rank
They wonder what the hell they joined for

Morale is so low, the officer beasts them more
He’s blinded by power and rank
Some of them go AWOL he can’t understand why
But he’s only himself to thank

They want to complain but they know all too well
That it will fall back on them far, far worse
One day they will snap, so they keep it inside
Eating away at them like a curse

When the day comes for this officer to lead
These soldiers to far distant lands
Any lives lost under his command
Will leave him with their blood on his hands

How can this officer who abuses his position
Think he can lead men to war?
He’s a disgrace to the forces, his cap badge and rank
That’s not what his rank slide is for

The military structure is much like a tree
Where the roots need respect as do all
They’re just as important as the highest of ranks
Disrespect them and the whole tree will fall

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