Absent Fate

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To know what he is going through is dreadful.
The man I love stuck in the trenches seeing blood squirting out of every person whom he glared at.
To even think of all the images described in his letters,
I burst in tears reading his letters from a month ago.
I cannot stand it.
I hate the fact that he is being forced away from his family.
But why?
To see the gruesomeness of war?
To see hundreds of innocent people dying?
Or to never see his family again?

But another day goes by,
And another hundred men die,
While they face someone else’s battle.
One of those men is my husband,
And I want him back.

He told me, he told me in his letters that people were shot so badly they flew across the trenches
Blood emerging out of places you wouldn’t even imagine
Trying to escape the harmed bodies,
Just like my husband trying to escape war,
To come back to me,
To come back to his family.

He told me, he told me about Jack Straw.
How he tried to escape from the camps during the night,
How he had a family too,
But the generals at the camp slaughtered him to deter others from escaping.
But I told him,
I rather him being known as a soldier who fought for his country,
Than an amusement for the generals at the camp.

I believe in fate and that things happen for a reason,
And maybe this change is good for us,
As they say absence does make the heart grow fonder.
Or maybe it’s just a nightmare that we will all wake up from one day.

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