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Why are we so selective in our concerns?
Why invade Iraq and still ignore Zimbabwe
Are some peoples of the world more important?
Or is it just a matter of expediency

Were we so concerned about the people of Iraq ?
Did Saddam Husains dictatorship present a danger to you and me
Was there a hidden agenda in our concern
Or does Zimbabwe have no effect on our economy

There really must be a reason for this difference in approach
When we action one concern and ignore the other
But there can never be any real justification
To deal with one concern and ignore another

We were told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
And that this was a threat to our national security
Before it could be proven Iraq was invaded
Which made many question the Prime Ministers honesty

We know for certain what is happening in Zimbabwe
That many are suffering because of the dictators actions
What is our response as the tragedy unfolds
The United Nations threatens them with sanctions

It is time for us to take a uniform approach
And to come to the aid of every nation in need
For whilst we have areas of discontent
We have something on which terrorism can feed

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