A remembered Poppy

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Where each poppy did fall does a soldier lay
for his soul now passed we should pause and pray
though many would be the prayers as each flower was a soul when wars end will list those lost by the call of a roll
far battles ground that rise and fall soldiers still rest there so
at peace now with others unknown be they fallen friends or for the Poppy thus will remind of those then lost in wars
and when we walk the paths of history by a Poppy we all must pause
I read the names and wonder what if of their missing life
if though were not then lost by a time of war and strife
I would know of their passing but know not their face
these heroes side by side that now rest in a peaceful place
all could find their history and now why here you lay
and of your battles end suffered upon that fateful day
time has not forgotten by all the rows of marble whit
e all you onward now to a glory as you walk to your heavens light
I will then softly speak the names of comrades that lay now at your side
and thus are heard again on earth by those that will forever with you abide
a place though not your home or where you were born and by War will no longer see
and others regard with honour this place your Country and will now always be
Robin Gissing Snr

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