A Dead Hero from the Corps

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War is raging far away, that we all can see,
For someone threatens our right to live as happy as can be,
But now my brother has left, off to war he went,
With other lads like himself, from this town of Kent,

The military come to me, as his next of kin,
I look out of the window, as the black sedan pulls in,
The officer and Padre both serving in his corps,
Walk solemnly with heads bowed, up to my front door,

Through the frosted glass upon the door, I see this Royal Marine,
In his hands he holds the flag, and a letter from the Queen,
He stares me down and in his eyes, I can see the pain he feels,
I know he too has lost a brother, with whom he shared his meals,

At the funeral of my brother, many eulogies are read,
Some are sad, others are happy, all commemorate the dead,
And my brother is remembered for the service that he gave,
As the flag-covered coffin is lowered slowly into the grave,

I think back to that day, as the rain began to pour,
To that Marine and Padre who came knocking at my door,
And I think of my brother in the peace he now has found,
For his spirit soars to heaven, while his body lies underground,

My brother will be remembered for many years to come,
As the man who gave his life, to preserve our freedom,
And as I remember the men, lost unto these wars,
I think of my brother, a dead hero from the corps.

Jack Hawkins

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