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Yesterday we said that today would be tomorrow

And tomorrow we shall say that today was yesterday

And though we may think of tomorrow as our future

Tomorrow, today will be part of our history

We can sit back and reflect upon our history

Or even wonder what the future might unfold

We can be sure that one will affect the other

At least that is something we often have been told

Today is a day of great importance

When our history and our future will entwine

We must ensure our history is something of which we can be proud

Then we can be sure that our future will be fine

We have to work hard at what we hope to be

It’s no good just hoping things will turn out well

For without effort our future could be a disappointment

As our life is shown to be an empty shell

It’s true that some people are very fortunate

And of life’s riches get more than their fair share

Bu if we are seeking happiness in the future

Today is the day when we must prepare

For today is the first day of the future

Which is a most important day for you and me

For what we do today will reflect our ambition

And tomorrow will be part of our history

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