Yesterday once more

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Remember when we couldn’t talk and needs were met without a sound
A fragile time of arms outstretched, embraced in Mother’s love so pure
Remember when we couldn’t walk and on all fours we crawled around
Frustration loomed each time we tried, then guiding hand we grasped secure

Remember when in Father’s strength of lifting high no need to care
Raising up on shoulders perched, He carried proud for all to see
Remember when those twirling revolutions, never really seemed to scare
This child He held above all others, in His heart would always be

Remember when our day at school, the first in someone else’s charge
The look forlorn when kissed goodbye, returned with sadness in our heart
Remember when with knowledge gained, surrendered to the world at large
Our Parents sacrifice has meant a chance in life from which to start

Remember when first love embraced, confusion reigned in thoughts sublime
The heartache of a lesson learned, when target short of cupids aim
Remember when with hearts entwined, our lives were touched by One Divine
No matter of our hopes and dreams our lives would never be the same

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