Yawning in the Morning

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Very early in the morn,
When the rays of the sun signal dawn
I stretch as a new day is born
And then I luxuriously Yawn

Now at work, the screen glowing at me
I continue to show my fillings for all to see
I unlock my jaws and open wide
I try to remember to use my hand to hide

Its an infectious thing to open and sigh
And then to stretch your arms to the sky
Looking around the room I can see
Other people emulating me

The yawn flows round the people I see
Before to long it comes back to me
Again suddenly I am opening my maw
So it feels like I will dislocate my jaw

There is nothing like a good reach to the sky
And an accompanying long yawning sigh
As I suck up all the air in the room
Like a cleaner powered by a vacuum

Chris Duncan

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