WW1 Centenary 2014

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A hundred years have come past

We never thought that it would last

The bullets coming thick and fast

To take the lives of many

There’s 18,000 died that day

That first day as the bodies lay

There’s nothing anyone can say

The carnage there to see

Together husbands, fathers, sons

Lay close together as the guns

Kept firing from the awful huns

No mercy shown that day

The nurses had their work cut out

The noise was loud and some would shout

And wait until another bout

Of misery to come

With general Hague behind the lines

So safe and warm and with the times

The officers were all behind

No thought for maimed or dying

The men were lying in the mud

With no one helping if they could

The shells were landing with a thud

The frightened souls were waiting

There was a lull a time and all

As someone found a shapely ball

To play a game of kick football
It’s Xmas time for both sides
It didn’t last for very long 

With voices raised in Xmas song

And nothing seemed so very wrong

For just a short time singing
With silent night resounding clear

And for a while there was no fear

But soon the time was very near

For lighting to resume
And so it lasted 4 long years

With lots of pain and lots of tears

With shell shock and a lot of fears

For life as yet to come
We won the battle and the war

With more to come and as before

Our men would conquer all the more

For England to be free
But some have suffered far and wide

With mustard gas and that’s beside

The terror that some men will hide

My heart goes out to them
We will remember with a frown

The sacrifice without a sound
And as the setting sun goes down

We will remember them.

Gloria Armstrong

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