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What am I bid for this goalie
He only made one small mistake
He only gets paid forty thousand
So please give the poor guy a break

What am I bid for this striker
He fights really hard for the cause
He’s busting a gut for old “ Ingerland “
As shown by the sweat from his pores

How much for this brilliant play-maker
Earns one hundred grand– what a snip
His courage and battling are legend
But even this “hero” can slip

How much a week for a right back
To buy him twelve million you’ll need
And one hundred grand for his wages
“It’s normal–believe me, not greed”

Now what am I bid for this soldier
Fighting for country and pride
Earning a pittance in wages
Turning the enemy tide

We cheer the “heroes “ of “Ingerland”
Defying their footballing foe
But as for the brave forces heroes
It seems that we don’t want to know

Coming back home to their loved ones
Broken in body and soul
Welcomed by only a handful
Some lucky, their hero is whole

If “Ingerland” come back as winners
The country will turn out to cheer
Leaders will bask in their glory
REAL HEROES will laugh in their beer

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