Who Claims the Victory?

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In the distant mists of time
Soldiers marched to the forward line
Smiling bravely as they went
Unaware their time was spent

In squalid trenches then they lay
Waiting for that time of day
When Generals said they could attack
Brave soldiers who would not come back

Through wire fences and the mud
Stumbling on as best they could
Firing at their hidden foe
Until they had nowhere to go

In muddy holes they stopped for breath
Knowing that they’d cheated death
Nothing left but to retreat
From this their bloody first defeat

They gathered comrades as they passed
Thankful that they were not gassed
Back to trenches thick with mud
Tainted by their sweat and blood

So who had won this senseless clash
This horror that saw brave men dash
Into this scene of endless pain
Of shattered limbs and damaged brain?

Who would claim that they had won
By killing father, brother, son?
Some would claim that victory
And say it was for you and me

But I for one will never say
That all the blood spilt on that day
Would make my life a better one
Because of death upon the Somme

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