Who Cares?

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Forgotten and lonely sat home all alone
No one will visit and no one will phone.
Does anyone know or does anyone care?
Frail pensioner neighbours sitting there

They’ve worked all their lives and paid their way
Saved a few bob so that maybe one day,
In their twilight years they may be able to rest
For in a comfortable retirement they did invest.

They bought their own homes a safe place to be
So that they wouldn’t depend upon charity,
Independence and security is all they sought
Does anyone now give them a thought?

With soaring fuel prices and food so dear
To survive on a pension is hard I fear.
Trying to keep up and pay the bills
Leaves no extra cash for nice little frills

They can’t claim for help, they don’t qualify
So they just wring their hands and stifle a cry.
To beg for help would be extremely bad form
Now for them it’s a struggle just to keep warm.

Spare a thought and please give heed
To those amongst us who are in need,
To give them help and show some respect
Surely is not too much of us to expect.

Forgotten and lonely they sit at home
Could you perhaps visit or even phone?
Give a little time, pop in today
Ask, “Are you well, are you sure you’re okay?”

Spend some time check that they’re all right
Ensure they feel safe and are not living in fright.
Just say hello and how do you do.
Remember one day; you’ll need help too.

© Peter Maslak 2008

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