Whispered Tears

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He stole a whispered moment, which caught me by surprise
I turned to let him know, ‘twas a way not often shared
In words so soft and gentle, that betrayed his hurt filled eyes
Reaching out he touched my heart, the sweetest “thanks” I’ve ever heard

My view of him from rear, was of a man with huddled frame
Propelled by wheels misfortune, marked by service to the Crown
His strength of arms emblazoned by the Regimental name
His useless legs, no longer bear the world that weighed him down

In youthful times oft’ dreaming of adventure and renown in life
Confronted recognition, sometimes simply much too hard to bear
Reflection now screams back at him of troubled times ahead with strife
A future once of sun filled days, for love’s young dream without a care

In hearing of my words, expressing all his hopes and fears
Articulated in a way he’d oft’ times prayed so hard to say
Buried deep in memory suppressed throughout the darkened years
Had somehow reached inside the mind, his burden to allay
In tribute to a Veteran who touched my heart.

Richard Gildea

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