“Where brave souls rest.”

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A place where the weary souls now rest
Lulled by moment silence of the guns
Good men have died in this mighty test
Too many fathers: Too many sons.

White sands now covered poppy red
From the blood of life that has been let
Of soldiers brave, now long since dead
The ones that time should not forget.

The weeping widows in veils of black
Bereft of love ones they sorely miss
Soldiers sent home in body sacks
To never feel their child’s gentle kiss?

As wanton greed creates evil men
Their thoughts, are not of bestowing love
But more to earn, the green dollar ten
Their guilt is in view of God above!

Oh where are these young warriors laid?
The ones whose bodies are never found
Their parents pride is so strong and staid
Yet sad they have no burial ground.

Be there God, in goodness and grace,
Then bring conflicts to a final stop
Stop the killing of our human race
Give peace and hope to our newborn crop.

Leslie de la Haye

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