“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”

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Old Master ‘Lao’ Confucius say, stripped him bare of prideful ways
In leading from the front step back and let the people bask in glow
Desires too numerous therein, in truth demeaning all his days
A thoughtful contemplation gained, in stillness of the life we know

The way that can be told is not the way as such expressed in time
Confront the beast at source, with pure and simple steps of real intent
Of nature’s course in strolling gait, upon completion so divine
Our singing souls cry out, resounding in sweet manifest lament

Power lies not in the strength of others but in thee alone
Deep within the answer hides, in seeking self and knowing one
The genus of the bloom aspires to take your breath away full grown
If I let go of what I am, imagine what I may become

Richard Gildea

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