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Tattered flags speak of a time long past
A coin into a deep well’s cast.
That wish for happiness, whatever comes
The wheel of fortune ever turns…
Though words may be a hollow thing-
Love’s promise -bounden by a ring.
The Drum Tower where no drumrolls heard-
The Crown adorns the sovereign’s head.
The falcons’ shadows on the lawn
The land where all are equal born.
No golden-round could ever be
More lovely than the roan-tree.
The Twill and Tweed of the Barrel Vault-
(Whose walls played host…to Scottish kings
and noble ghosts.)
No worthier guests have ever stood
Or danced beneath this vaulted roof.
A fitting- setting for groom and bride
The glorious Midlothian countryside.
Dalhousie Castle, the River Esk-
Our wishes that you, too, are blessed…

Robert Carson

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