Wear your Poppy

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Wear your poppy with pride my son, remember the souls that fought and are now gone,
for it was for you that they gave all their tomorrows, selflessly and bravely so you could remember all their yesterday,
Stand still and silent with your head bowed my boy, when the chimes strike eleven respect the families who without them must carry on,
remember they were someone’s sister brother, father, wife, husband, daughter friend or son,
Whether you agreed with the politics they found themselves in it was they that fell in some foriegn field, town, street or ocean.
Don’t forget the ones who came home scarred and maimed , from the acts they have done living with the memories from wars that will never be won,
Remember the cost sacrifice and waste the next time to your fellow being you show them venom and hate, yes you wear that poppy with pride my son and don’t you dare waste your tomorrows for they have none.
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