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Sands of Gold and Seas of blood
Statistics of countries at war
Military men employed in great numbers
Maintenance of Peace is what they are for
So often they are the forgotten people
On their strength so many relied
Now they are souls in torment
Knowing many of their comrades died
Some say that’s the role of Military men
With adversity to stay steadfast and strong
To thwart the advance of the enemy
Bring an end to conflict e’er long
But they know in their hearts it will never be
As War they’ve known all their lives
Nation versus nation, Rebels and terrorists
In warfare it seems each one thrives
‘tho on some occasions there are winners
Where oppressors are overthrown and lose
The local inhabitants can live their lives once again
In the manner which they now may choose
But take War in general and what will it prove
Not whether commodities are dearer or cheaper
For some will pay the supreme sacrifice
And the winner will be the Grim Reaper.

Dennis Shrubshall

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