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You fight, you kill, and you succeed in living one more day
you indicate that you are strong, though who can ever say
that you are all that you can be with this great price to pay

The killing fields are someones home and families are there
but are they innocents or not is something you must bear
you’ll never know for sure before it is too late to care

You wait too long and you may die or end up on the ground
not long enough and you may kill the future friend you’ve found
but you decide which way to go without turning around

This quandary has always been in actions known as war
from single combat, clan to clan, to armies near and far
there is no way that it will change and for this course, it’s par

Negotiate or fight it out, it’s not too hard to see
the answers right in front of you if you will let it be
now, ask a child because they know just how to set us free

In times of peace we all enjoy, the acts of those who work
to keep us far from acts of war whene’er we reach the fork
of turns and twists and misty scenes of futures in the dark

Andrew Totten

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