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Oh come fly to me on Emerald wing,

With your poetic voice of Angels sing,

Such sweet abundance just articulate,

And charm the world before it gets too late.


Oh serenade for all down trodden folk

Just sing of loving times; or tell a joke

Sing soft and low for all our loved ones lost

With dark angry tones; for WE count the cost?


Oh fly to me on soft emerald wings

And whisper secrets of sweet crazy things

Of my Mother’s cooking, her old jam tart

How she first met Dad on his horse and cart.


Oh sing to me in purple tones of silk

For sweet Angels born of pure Mother’s milk,

Let your voice now echo in whisper breeze

As it brushes by me, through tall pine trees.


Cover me now in a fine shawl of mist

Remind me in song of the girls I kissed

Paint me in colours of the rainbow’s hue

BUT sing out loudly, how much I love you.



Leslie de la Haye

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