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I always eat my vegetables, I always eat my greens;
Cauliflower and carrots, even brussel sprouts and beans.
I’m told that eating vegetables is healthy for my tum
And if I do not finish them I’m walloped by my mum.

The vegetables I eat are always what my mother’s chosen;
Some of them are fresh and some of them are frozen.
I usually have them hot, but in salads they are cold
And when my mum’s adventurous they’re even casseroled.

I always eat my vegetables, I have my five a day
And for a treat I have some meat to take the taste away.
I am not undernourished, I am never looking pale
Because I have my cabbage and consume my curly kale.

My diet is full of fibre and my blood is full of iron;
That’s why I keep regular without me really trying.
I don’t smell sweet when I excrete from eating broccoli,
It proves I’ve had my vegetables; I’ve even had a pea.

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