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Over the roof of the red brick house
Flew an owl in a lazy arc
And in his beak was a little white mouse
Which had ventured out after dark

The owl then sat on the red tiled roof
And let the mouse fall from his beak
They both sat there looking so aloof
With an occasional hoot and squeak

The owl and the mouse were very old friends
They had known each other for years
It seemed they wanted to buck the trends
And banish all mice-ly fears

Their friendship had at first been fraught
As the mouse had never been sure
Mixing with an owl could lead to nought
It had never been done before

So on the roof of the red brick house
They sat ‘til the break of day
Then the owl picked up the little white mouse
And carried his friend away

The very next night on the red brick house
Sat the owl feeling vey sad
He’d accidentally swallowed the mouse
The only true friend he’d had

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