Ungrateful and rude

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I’m angry so very, very angry
I want to hit and shout and ask if
You really know what the f*** you are on about
But I can’t say f***,
Might make the children wince
Huh like I care when I’ve seen kids mince
But you won’t like that will you
Oh no you won’t
You must talk you tell me but only in the way
That you think I should
So have you been there?
Really or are you living on tales of past gory?
Go on admit, I can, its a thrill
Has the guy next to you made a kill?
If he has he won’t tell
The phone is silent now
Just as well I can’t answer it anyway,
The coffee cups unused
The messages posted unread
Am I surprised?
No not really because I am angry so very, very angry
And that’s hard to live with
No noble scars to show
Just an angry difficult person
So scurry past on the other side of the road
Buy a poppy if that makes you feel better
Wear it with pride; you should, but then maybe
Next time you see that angry person in front of you shouting and lashing out
Spare a thought and wonder if maybe they have been places and seen things
They can’t find a way to talk about
Maybe the anger is pain
Maybe what they need is someone who will really listen and
Let them say whatever they need to say
Without worrying about how it might make you feel
Selfish you say well yes maybe
But the next time you tell someone you are
There for them
Mean it
Do it on their terms
Don’t censor their words
You can’t censor the thoughts
So listen just listen
Don’t say you know how they feel
You don’t
You can’t
No one can
But listen and be there
And put up with the crap
I’m sure it’ll get better
At least that’s what they tell me


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