Unable to love as desired

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Unable to love as desired
Though unspeakable passion resounds
Her heart’s adoration for him
May be beaten but never broken down
He always provided as needed
Yet, left without a word
Allowing doubt to work its way in
Questions raised, answers never heard
Pain that leaves him breathless,
Speechless and undecided
Silence that left her worthless
In his arms she abided
Those arms soon crumbled
Left her picking up the pieces
Locking them away
Though buried
Her heart never ceases
Time has healed her hopelessness
Love for her still gone
Forgiveness never a question
Forgetting is what she longs
Not to forget his love
Nor the time they shared
But to forget the unseen hurt
Her soul she opened and bared
Wanting no more reasons
To why these walls fell
Knowing loves a battle
To her, it hurt like hell
Her heart now lays open
For mending to begin
Hesitation of love for herself
But never hesitation of love felt for him

Katie McGraw

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