Ultimate Muse

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In company of Angels, I search throughout the evening sky
To look beyond the starlit haze, at universe that clouds my mind
Bewildered by all circumstance that greets the hopeful Seeing Eye
In numbers of such magnitude, in which to seek and yet to find

Expression fills my heart for One who shapes my life, yet I propose
Existence full with knowledge gained should reap a fertile soil
As inspiration sought from whence it came, sweet Heaven only knows
How could I not acknowledge Him, who guides my pen in written toil

Many nights spent gazing at the wondrous sight that holds enthral
In scenes which act out fantasy, within a perfect dream like state
How it came to pass indeed such majesty was born at all
When nothing in reality from more than dust He doth create

Words by choice sometimes fall short, perchance the image to portray
Come fill my thoughts with wonderment, of subject you alone do choose
In metaphor, in simile or other forms we wordsmiths play
Acceptance full in grateful heart, for He who is my Spirit Muse

Richard Gildea

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