‘Two Geese Go A Visiting’

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‘Do you fancy a day out?’ Said Mr Goose to his missus
‘A day away from the clucking chickens and mooing cows,
tractors and bale making and this little pond’.

‘Yes’ said she ‘we can go to Cole Mere; it’s lovely in the spring.’
‘Let’s pretend we are wild and have an adventure’ he said.
‘Be buccaneering pirates, boarding the yachts.
Stalk the Killer Shrimps; like we’re in the Marines; and take em out!’

‘Or, said she ‘we could just hang out by the meadow,
where the water lilies float, and be serenaded in song.
Quite romantic, don’t you think?’

Now he being of the genial kind, said ‘whatever you want my dear’
and taking her wing they flew off at nine.
On reaching the mere they were struck with awe.
‘Oh isn’t it beautiful’ said she. ‘Stunning’ he said‘ and the sun
has come with us. Rather polite of him to be so high’.

‘Yes, he’s a good fellow at heart, said she ‘like you, my dear’.
Blushing, he dropped his head towards a secluded spot.
A roof of leaves and whispering reeds and a loveseat branch,
just the right size for two visiting geese.

Oh, what a day they had! Feeding on sweet meadow grass,
laden with morsels of flowers. Sleeping and resting, kissing,
and dappling in shadows. Stretching their necks in the sun, as
Cole Mere weaved its magic charm and echoed their love;
till the hour grew late beckoning the twilight chorus
to play the scene out. ‘Time for home my dear’ he said.

‘Oh, it’s been a wonderful day’ said she ‘with so much
to tell the children, when they all come tomorrow and
our City Farm opens its gates’ and touching wings, they
set their course home, on a gentle following wind.

Jan Hedger

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