Truth’s Penance

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“Incoming, incoming” the shout goes out, heard above the missile screams
Protection is the promise wrought, for whom or what is not so clear
Armageddon comes to pass, one more time or so it seems
Intentioned peace may cloud the truth of end games goal amid the fear

“Regime change” is de rigueur, when secured upon a whim
At tables polished bounty, voiced support in straight backed chair
Planned engagement hand to hand denied by all, should things turn grim
“No fly zone” should do the trick; “We’ll pin them down” secure the air

Initial sorties reap reward, targets true like arrows find
Second phase to take out sites of weapons stored and arsenals pound
Halt advance of Hades troops, establish trust in hearts and mind
Seeds of doubt aggressors plan, now strategy has run aground

Terror strikes of civil type, on innocents whom death await
Infiltration helps secure protective blanket, rebels friend
What say now our leaders will, abandon not unto their fate
Security of sky above, will not achieve this war an end

Incursion sought upon the land, once more around the table bring
Mandates signed goodwill abounds, not too late to end this thing
Acknowledgement of hurried plan, too hard to take admit the same
Lessons learned at awful cost, yet where we are doth madness reign

Richard Gildea

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