Treatment for a life

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When does the truth become so evil, waiting to cause such pain and distress?
What is needed to take it away, so many times I have sat to confess
Tell the heartbreaking stories, the truths I have seen and see every night
Yet I find there is no release, sympathies that do nothing to ease my plight

Would you live with a past that tortures, ripping the soul from your life?
Are you aware of the actual cost, loss of everything and your family and wife?
That is why there are some who fail, the loss of life a fair price to pay
For us who face the horrors, take what we can and fight every day

What cost to find the peace we need, money should not be an issue
If we place ourselves in danger, a duty of care belongs to you
Shout for more action; tell those that matter what must be done
Let us return and take up our lives, let us make sure we treat everyone.

David McDonald

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