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She slipped away from her moorings
That fateful April day
No-one could ever imagine
Of what would come her way

Speeding across the Atlantic
Trying to claim the prize
Disdainful of the conditions
Icebergs of every size

Passengers wining and dining
Waiters and cooks on the go
In stowage the mood was sombre
No service down below

Six times they sent out a warning
Of icebergs in their way
The telegrapher was too busy
With passengers that day

Greetings were far more important
Sending to friends on shore
No time to listen to warnings
As through the night she tore

No moon to shine on the ocean
The sea was black and calm
The iceberg almost transparent
Closer she sped to harm

And then from out of the darkness
The frozen mass ahead
If Murdoch had only turned her
But “Full reverse” he said

Ice ripped open the great ship’s side
A jagged ugly gash
But Captain Smith was certain
He would do nothing rash

No need to send out a mayday
His ship could never sink
But soon he came to realise
She teetered on the brink

With those in steerage held below
The rich queued for their wealth
Cash and jewels in the purser’s safe
Not caring for their health

Slow but sure the water filled
Each “watertight” bulkhead
Tipping the liner crazily
Some crew already dead

Panic had now taken over
The rush for the boats begun
The Captain then stopped the mayhem
A single shot from his gun

Though half-filled some boats were lowered
“Women and children first”
Three hundred took to the water
Three hundred souls were cursed

Two thousand two hundred and eight
Were on the ship that night
Seven hundred and five that is all
Survived by morning light

Deep in the depths of the ocean
Broken and rusting away
In three pieces lies the Titanic
Greatest ship of her day

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