Times of change

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I’ve been known to write an ode or two
Especially late at night
When I know folks might look for something to read
Or on a subject throw some light
For when you visit a Website
It opens your eyes to a different world
How other people lead their lives
Or sit in their armchairs neatly curled
Some like to join in an Internet quiz
Whilst others in a Forum debate
Arguing the pro’s and con’s of politics
Continuing online until quite late
Some may just enjoy a quiet read on their own
A short story or perhaps an odd ode
Written about a particular subject
Or maybe experience picked up on Life’s road
And to some it seems strange how folks can just sit
And stare for hours at a computer screen
Conversing in text across the whole World
To persons they’ve not known nor even seen
But this has evolved in the World of today
Through technology at it’s widest acclaim
The distance can be covered on the keyboard
Let your fingers do the walking is the name of the game
So close your eyes if you will now
And cast your mind back to the years that have flown
You can now sit alone in a room at your home
With a time machine of your very own

Dennis Shrubshall

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