“Ti..ll..y Go Home” (M25 Great Escape)

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From East to West yon ‘Wagon Train’ rolls on
Around ‘Das Capital’ – creating snag
If heading North or South ‘all hope hath gone’
Should e’er confirm escape, my tail twud wag
Each lane doth move along at said “snail’s pace”
Acquaintance left or right may prove life-long
Perchance a gap in front appears; “give chase”
Reveal no sign of weakness to the throng
‘Hard shoulder’ adds temptation to the game
Two Ambulance sail by without a glance
Resistance may be futile; stake your claim
Or else this revolution is last chance
When inside lane veers left on ‘sirens’ tails
I’ll signal fierce intent, then off to Wales

Richard Gildea

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