Thoughtful Incursion

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Garlanded by grateful crowd, our Hero took their cheers
A smiling mask in presentation, for to hide the heartfelt tears
Comrades lost in dreadful game of to and fro in foreign land
A feeling far too much to bear for those who once were Brothers band

Defend what’s ours and by all means, without incursion overseas
What right have we or anyone, to bring a country to its knees
Cultures and beliefs not ours, in no way should be deemed a curse
This world and all who live in it, are blessed by being so diverse

Marching in Parade through streets, where as children we did play
In joyful freedom without fears of what our lives would be one day
Where has innocence now flown, where will peace be found once more
The dove in contemplation, folds its wings until we do for sure

Talking heads of Nations ne’er express what should be said
A single life is worth far more, than oil or land for which we’ve bled
Diplomatic resolution first and foremost should be sought
No need the Hero to pretend and clear his mind of dreadful thought

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