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The tree had stood in the park
For as long as I could remember
Majestic through summer and spring
Golden in depths of September

On hot summer days in its shade
We sat near the park bowling green
Discussing the latest events
Or maybe a film we had seen

We never had reason to hurry
Our lives had a much slower pace
The world seemed peaceful and friendly
Unlike today’s hectic race

We spent many days of the summer
In the pool close by the tree
Diving, swimming and playing
John Horton, Pete Davies and me

At the end of the day we would gather
By the hedge of the park bowling green
Watching the skills of the bowlers
(Though some of the woods did careen)

Before too long you could find us
Beneath the oak tree once more
Trying to make sense of the bowling
And how they managed to score

As summer gave way to the autumn
The leaves of the oak turned to gold
Then orange and red in the grey light
And winds ushered in winter’s cold

Though shorn of its leaves, the big oak
Looked sturdy and strong in the snow
Determined to last out the winter
And prepare for spring-time’s new show

So once again a new summer
The oak resplendent and new
Providing cool shade for the townsfolk
And memories for me and for you

Don Holmes

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