The windy wet search in the night

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As I stand braced against the wind on my face
Looking out on the lonely foreboding place
Horizontal rain drives to my bone
I am very far from a warm cosy home

I may as well be alone up here
There are others, do not fear
We are all here for good reason
People are lost, no sign, none

The light from my head torch gives little light
On this lonely mountain on a rain swept night
Forward, looking, searching we must press,
Find the survivors, who may be in pain and distress

There are dogs working here too
Unfortunately there is only ever a few
Invaluable they are on a search and find
Without them sometimes we are nearly blind

We can here a deep rumble up above
Pilots with NVG’s, a life giving dove
They are angels, saviours on many a shout
Their helicopters pack a rescuing clout

Many people go into the search this night
Helping to find and end someone’s plight
In the wee hours we hear on the radio
They have been found, we can all go

Someone has again been snatched just in time
From the edge of disaster, they are going to be fine
People ask why you volunteer for this perilous thing
Quite simply because helping others makes my heart sing

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