The Sun and the Flower

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When first the sun peers over the fence, when first the flowers awake
A greeting of sorts between the two, no knowing how long it may take
The sun peers ever higher, the flowers raises up to be met
A joining which fosters creation, the movement of nature well set

When first a probing petal tests, peering out to sample the sun
This the first flowers emotion, this at present the only one
As the blaze of fiery glory, as the sun raises higher within the sky
Other petals join in the movement, a concerto of colour reaching high

Soon the sun is at its highest, the flower resplendent in Technicolor
Then we see what nature meant, one so dependent on the other
The sun could rise on its own; the flower gives grace to its reason
A beauty filling the senses for as long, the time we call in season

Then others will see the beauty beheld, a bee comes to suckle on pollen
The insects that come to populate, a few that cause those that are fallen
Take joy in this natures own voice, singing its praise of colour and scent
Know inside when sun and flower meet, you see now what nature has meant

David McDonald

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