The Shire Stallion

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Where are you now, my gentle giant?
Friend of my childhood, my brave standard bearer.
I remember so well the battles we fought.
Waterloo, Inkerman, Ladysmith.

We were so brave. You carried me, reigns held taught.
The Red Dragon of Wales, our standard proclaiming.
Those battles we fought in times without number,
Often at night , just before sleep.

Our friendship and trust will always endure,
Even when you left me, with all that pain.
You were sold , just like a slave.
Nothing is left, we must remain courageous.

Where are you now my big gentle giant?.
In fields of lush grass painted with daisies.
A cool stream’s trickling music,
It.s clear fresh water to sip when you thirst.
I do so hope that such is your rest.

A. R. Lewis

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