The Shame of Alder Hey

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Give them back the organs, taken without consent from their kid’s,
Their families have surely suffered enough, without reliving all this,
This once legal form of grave robbing, unmoral in every way,
These children’s parts belong in graves, not in jars out on display,
God forgive you for your trespass, against these tiny souls,
Have you no feelings of humanity, in your aim to achieve your goals?

Buried once, or so it was thought, to start an end to the grief,
Little Johnny, laid to rest intact, was the parents’ firm belief,
Only to find out later on, that by some morbid twist,
Parts of him discovered in labs, that weren’t before missed,
To open up a wound so deep, the graves that once were sealed,
Its not your right, so don’t play God, your game has been revealed.

Mick H

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