The Sandcastle

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Build me a sandcastle granddad
With turrets and flagpoles on top
No you can’t eat your dinner
We’ll be too busy to stop

It needs a big moat all round it
So dig it as deep as can be
It’s got to big to be able
To stop the in-coming sea

Dig a bit faster please granddad
The tide looks like it has turned
You haven’t got time for sun cream
Just dig,we’ll not get burned

Granddad you look like you’re wilting
No cuppa for you or for me
We need to dig even faster
To hold back the in-coming sea

Wow granddad it looks really brilliant
The battlements proud in the sun
All that hard work was worth it
Granddad it looks like we’ve won

Sit down and eat up your sandwich
Drink up your nice cup of tea
We both deserve a big ice cream
We make a good team you and me

Don Holmes

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