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In years gone by when you were in trouble at sea,
Strong men, in boats with oars would pull towards thee,
Risking everything they were, selfless in their task,
They gave all and battled, nothing in return they would ask.

These brave souls of 1824, pioneers in rescue at sea,
Became the RNLI in this green and pleasant country,
Smashing through troughs and walls of wave,
The ultimate sacrifice, many gave.

All over our estuaries, rivers and coast,
We now have stations, we can boast,
Of dedicated men, ready to sail,
When the call comes in, they don’t want to fail.

In all sorts of craft, they set forth, giving no quarter,
Crashing down into the worst foaming boiling water,
Many a person gives thanks to the RNLI,
When in distress, and they spot them with a grateful sigh.

Just where would we be without them to act,
137,000 people would not have made it back,
So how can we help, and show we care,
Give a little donation, as much as you can spare.

Chris Duncan

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