The Poppy Seller

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Did you see the old man selling poppies, when you went out today
A symbol to remind us of the men who went away

Have you ever seen a poppy, standing proud and tall
Once picked it quickly wilts and the petals start to fall

Did you stop and buy a poppy, or turn and walk away
A faded memory from the past, there’s nothing more to say

Have you ever touched a petal, so delicate and red
The iconic Flanders flower, which reminds us of our dead

Did you stop and buy a poppy, smile and have a chat
Say you understood, as your grandparents did all that

Have you ever touched the centre, so dark and very black
A poignant reminder of the men who won’t come back

Did you see the soldier, selling poppies when you went out today
We all talk of Peace, but the wars don’t go away.

Tricia Lucas-Clarke

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